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Buy villa in Sharjah and unravel the luxurious living

Buy Villa in Sharjah in a Free Zone

Arada is one of the best/renowned developers whose development Masaar has enticed the investors to buy villa in Sharjah. Many people wish to get a chance to buy villa in Sharjah because the city’s exceptional development and availability of free zones make it more interesting. In this blog, we will discuss that if you want to buy villa in Sharjah in a free zone, it will be much easier for the people who want to invest little and get a quality deal. You will learn about free zones and how many there are in the state. Also, we will discuss the best investment option for you to buy villa in Sharjah easily.

What is a Free Zone? Is it Good to Buy Villa in Sharjah?

An area economically ruled by specific regulations and run only under the precision of not applying any businesses outside the zone is known as a free zone, or you may call it a free trade zone or a free zone authority. Since they have facilities such as trading services and products, paying off special taxes and yielding ownership laws for foreigners make it a perfect investment choice to buy villa in Sharjah. Buying real estate through a free zone area is a fantastic option due to the mentioned features.

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The best Free Zone Investment is to Buy Villa in Sharjah.

The UAE free zones boomed after the Chinese interest in the $200 billion target for trading; Arabian Business highlights it as a golden era to invest in the free zones and get advantageous benefits. It can be your golden chance to find a free zone and draw investment to buy villa in Sharjah, as it will be the best option for your money. We will discuss how villas for sale in Sharjah can lead to maximum benefits when buying from a renowned developer.

Free Zone in Sharjah

Sharjah is home to six free zones that are exceptionally built to benefit the residents or investors. Buying a villa for sale in Sharjah in a free zone is considered the best investment option. The six free zones in the Emirates are listed below.

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1. Hamriyah Free Zone

This particular free zone in Sharjah has exceptional terms in the development process of the Emirates. For example, Hamriyah Free Zone has welcomed the inauguration of 83,000 square feet plant by Arima Minerals, as mentioned in Khaleej Times; plus it has taken part in SteelFab 2023 to showcase the area’s interest in regional and international roles in the industry. It has incredible deals to buy villa in Sharjah.

2. SAIF Free Zone

It is known as the Sharjah International Airport Free Zone, one of the free zones along with the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) that gives a 30% discount on trade-free licenses, per the Gulf News. Buying a villa for sale in Sharjah in SAIF will be a good investment.

3. SHAMS Free Zone

SHAMS is the Sharjah Media City, which has announced the construction to begin next year, which will open opportunities for real estate and buy villa in Sharjah. It was after the annual investment meeting, whose motif was “The Investment Paradigm Shift: Future Investment Opportunities to Foster Sustainable Economic Growth, Diversity, and Prosperity”, showcased the interest in development on a more extensive basis.

4. SRTI Park

Located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) is an organisation founded in 2016 to advance research, technology, and innovation across a range of industries, including technology (it is powering up the gaming industry), energy, healthcare, and the environment.

5. Sharjah Healthcare City

SHC will open up opportunities for hospitals, clinics, health care and wellness centres. The plans have been approved to open a healthcare district, and a $100 million hospital project has commenced.  

Buy a Villa in Sharjah Nearest to the Free Zone

Kaya Townhouse

Free zones yield maximum opportunities for the residents and investors due to magnificent high-end developments in various sectors that are crucial in building the economy and reputation of any state. In that case, if you want to buy villas in Sharjah within the vicinity, it can be challenging as only some free zones are committed for residential regions, but being near can be a possibility to get advantages. We will tell you how you can get closer and buy villas for sale in Sharjah near the free zone to get the benefits.

Masaar Villa for Sale in Sharjah 

A Masaar villa for sale in Sharjah is the best option to enjoy the tranquil living in Nature’s arms. Masaar projects for sale are outstanding as lush greens surround the area, and a long-mile jogging wooden track speaks for the healthier living aspect of the area. Being near the free zone, investing in a Masaar villa for sale in Sharjah will level up your living experience. Visit Masaar to book enticing deals for villas for sale in Sharjah.


In this article, we have discussed the six free zones in Sharjah and how free zones are revolutionising the development of the state. Also, to buy villas in Sharjah, you must opt for the nearest free zone option, as it will level up your living experience. To buy villa in Sharjah, opt for the properties for sale in Masaar, as it is near the free zone will be a good investment option.    

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