Villa in Sharjah vs. Dubai – The Comparison Guide

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Villa in sharjah

Deliver the best & most opulent residential solutions to its investors and buyers. However, there is always a prime. The UAE real estate is the first home for luxurious real estate investments. This country always has locations and preferred cities in every country. For UAE, two prominent emirates are prime destinations for elegant living – Sharjah & Dubai properties. Choosing between villas in Sharjah & Dubai is a daunting process that will undoubtedly make you bite your nails. It can significantly impact your life quality and overall experience in the UAE. This comprehensive comparison guide will delve into the critical aspects of buying a villa for sale in Sharjah versus a villa in Dubai, shedding light on everything from cost of living and cultural nuances to lifestyle amenities and residential options. By the end of this exploration, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed choice tailored to your preferences and aspirations. Stick till the end & discover which of these remarkable emirates best suits your desires for an unparalleled lifestyle.

Villa in Sharjah vs. Dubai – Lifestyle Comparison

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The Cost Of Living

If we talk about the UAE, the average cost of spending a quality living with a family can go up to AED 9600. In Sharjah, the resident needs AED 5,000 to support their family fluently – making this city an excellent adaptable option for every family. Meanwhile, if we talk about Dubai, things get fancier there, costing a family of 4 up to AED 13000 to live a good life.

The Cultural Ambience

Sharjah takes pride in conserving its cultural legacy, as seen by its stringent cultural norms and legislation. While this may appear to some to be limiting, it provides a calm and family-friendly environment. In contrast, Dubai is known for its global and diversified culture, which results in a more liberal and vibrant life.


In terms of accessibility, Dubai leads the way. Commuting is a snap because of its world-class infrastructure and transit networks. While Sharjah is close to Dubai, traffic congestion can disrupt everyday journeys during peak hours. However, in a recent RTA bridge project, four bridges spanning over 3,000 meters will be capable of carrying 17,600 vehicles every hour – ensuring better and smoother traffic in Sharjah.

Entertainment & Leisure

Dubai has many entertainment options, from upmarket shopping complexes to world-class restaurants and attractions. Despite offering various leisure activities, Sharjah has a more easygoing atmosphere. Those looking for a bustling nightlife and frequent entertainment may like Dubai, but those who opt for a family-oriented lifestyle will love to buy a villa in Sharjah.

Masaar villa for sale

Dubai Vs Sharjah Atmosphere

Due to its peaceful setting, numerous parks, and educational institutions, Sharjah is frequently preferred by families. While family-friendly, Dubai may be perceived as more fast-paced, catering to a more extensive range of preferences. In a recent meeting, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Director of the Labour Standards Development Authority, stated, “As part of a series of projects, the Labour Standards Development Authority (LSDA) is seeking to achieve the goals and specializations entrusted to it to enhance the Emirate of Sharjah’s position as an attractive environment for work and workers.”

Work Opportunities

Dubai, the UAE’s bustling economic capital, offers various job possibilities in multiple industries. Because of  its prominence as a global financial and commercial centre, it attracts experts worldwide, creating a competitive but rewarding work market. On the other hand, Sharjah is undergoing economic growth and development and offers a variety of career prospects, particularly in education, healthcare, and manufacturing. Furthermore, the Sharjah ruler has announced 92 new jobs in EPAA (Environment & Protected Area Authority). While Sharjah may not have as many job openings as Dubai, it offers a more quiet and family-oriented environment for people seeking a balance between profession and lifestyle.

Why is Villa in Sharjah the Most Opted Option?

villa in sharjah

For various compelling reasons, a villa in Sharjah is frequently a highly sought-after alternative. For starters, its cost makes it a great choice. Compared to its neighbouring emirate, Dubai, Sharjah provides typically more affordable housing options. This low cost allows inhabitants to enjoy huge, well-appointed villas without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, Sharjah enjoys conserving its rich cultural past, resulting in a tranquil and family-friendly environment. The city is well-known for its dedication to upholding traditions and values, making it an appealing location for individuals who seek a more traditional and culturally grounded way of life.

“Couple moved to a villa in Sharjah after Dubai Hills landlord wanted 67% increase.”

The couple is now paying Dh10,000 less for a larger home than they were paying for their prior two-bedroom flat.

-Reported by the National News

Sharjah also has a thriving educational sector, with many recognized schools and institutions, making it an excellent alternative for families looking for quality education for their children.

Furthermore, Sharjah’s beachfront location along the Arabian Gulf gives residents magnificent sea vistas and a peaceful coastal environment, resulting in a one-of-a-kind living experience. Its proximity to Dubai allows people quick access to the larger city’s entertainment and job options while also allowing them to return to a quieter residential atmosphere.


It’s a tale of two cities with distinctive vibes between Dubai and Sharjah Villas, each offering its perks to buyers. The Villa for sale in Sharjah is a budget-friendly paradise with cultural charm, attracting visitors seeking peace by the coast. However, Dubai, the glitzy whirlwind, enchants with its global allure, but it’s quite a pricy ride. Finally, the decision is influenced by personal priorities, job goals, and the type of lifestyle desired. Whether it’s the peaceful charm of Sharjah or the bustling energy of Dubai, both emirates provide distinct and remarkable living experiences, guaranteeing that people in the UAE may discover their dream home.

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