Why Masaar Villas is better than the Dubai property market?

Masaar Villa

The quiet atmosphere, ultra comfort and surrounded by lush greens are none other than Masaar Villas of Sharjah. Masaar Villas Sharjah is the symbol of comfort and provides you the facilities and comfort, like a home in paradise.

A unique residential community tailored specifically for you to live life with comfort, luxury and convenience. However, some individuals consider investing more in the Dubai property market. Today let’s discuss how Villas in Sharjah can be a better option for you to invest or live as compared to the property of Dubai.

Why Masaar Villa is the Best Choice

Although there are numerous reasons to choose Masaar Villas in UAE as compared to the investment or buying of property in Dubai for personal living; However, some of the exclusive amenities and services exclusive to this project set it apart from the other properties of Dubai luxurious residential community, world-class services, smart home features installed and more.

Masaar Villas are for sale also which is open currently to buy a promise by Arad that assures you comfort and luxurious living.

Villas in Masaar can be an Advantageous Investment

If you want to upscale your lifestyle and investment profile, then there is nothing better than buying a property in Masaar by Arada. Two of the major reason that makes the Masaar Villa an advantageous investment include effective pricing and capital appreciation.

Besides, whether for long-term or short-term investment, Masaar Villa will be a beneficial choice due to the growing economy and increasing demand for housing units.

Investment Shift towards Masaar by Arada

Another major reason is the shift of interest of investors that makes the forested community of Masaar Villa Sharjah a better option for the Dubai property market. The demand in the property market in UAE specifically for Dubai is extremely high, due to which investors are now more interested in durable options, excellent opportunities and feasible deals for instance, Masaar Villas.

Stable Future of Masaar Villa

Masaar Villas in Sharjah are better than the Dubai property market, as Sharjah is now considered one of the growing and promising emirates with stable future properties. Exclusive pricing that is AED 1.5 million, a down payment of just 5% and customized residential units make Masaar Villas and townhouses enticing for investors.

Figure 3 Masaar project by Arada Areal view

Unparalleled Beauty of Masaar Villas Sharjah

Another reason that makes the Masaar property better than the Dubai property market is its underrated beauty and mesmerizing views. Masaar Villas by Arada properties offer stunning residential units that are prominent due to their world-class comfort and luxury.

On the other hand, the breathtaking environment of Masaar Villas of Sharjah has nothing similar to the property of Dubai and offers uniquely built residential units.

Investment in Masaar Villas as a Cost-effective Measure

Another aspect of Villas in Masaar is a cost-effective measure that makes the Masaar Villas and townhouses better than other properties in Dubai. The Sharjah boundaries with the other emirates offer an increased probability for you to do business and choose a feasible option.

You can also sell your property for a high Return on Investment (ROI) by investing in Masaar Villas in UAE. As the pricing trend of UAE is increasing with every passing year, with no signs of slowing down, this leads to beneficial outcomes for the investment in Masaar Villas Sharjah.

Fewer Property Rates and Taxes

Another attractive reason is Masaar Villa is located in the Emirates which has lower rates of property. This means you will get more benefit from the sale as compared to the property sale in Dubai. Even if you choose to live in the luxurious project of Masaar by Arada you will have the option to live a comfortable and elevated lifestyle at a lower cost.

Figure 4 Masaar project Master plan

Wide Range of Residential Units in Masaar Villa

Masaar in Sharjah offers 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedroom luxurious and spacious villas that are unrivalled even in Dubai property. Villas which are the major attractions of the project can also be bought, located between the havens of 50,000 trees. The seven districts are connected with the hub with gates providing a premium experience.


Villa for sale in Masaar will elevate your lifestyle and provide you with better investment opportunities than the property market of Dubai. Various reasons make the Masaar by Arada property more attractive than the Dubai property market, including unparalleled beauty, customized residential units, exceptional services, and primarily its location is in the Emirates of Sharjah having lower property rates and taxes. This will result in more profit generation when selling any property in Sharjah. The fabulous property of Masaar by Arada is underrated but is becoming a major attraction for investors who want more stable property than Dubai.

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